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#TGFTD – 070114 – Tuesday Who

#TGFTD – 070114 – Tuesday Who

“Who i wanna be…”

I have to know my roots before branches. To know who i am and who i will become.

Sebelum menentukan ingin menjadi apa nantinya. Seperti lagu, kita harus tahu lebih dahulu siapa diri kita.

Siapa kita saat ini sangat menentukan siapa kita nantinya. Kenali diri kita. Pahami diri kita sebaik mungkin.

#TGFTD – Thank God For The Day
Daily gratefulness of life and what’s in it

Be WHO you ARE. Know yourself inside and be the PERSON you wanna be. Be BETTER and WISER on you OWN VISION of YOU.

Be the BEST OF YOU. The SUCCESS YOU start with knowing WHO you are.

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