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Mother’s Day

From one of the blog i’ve followed, i found this link in Wikipedia about Mother’s Day. It made me surprised, coz there are so many dates all around the world in celebrating Mother’s Day.

Okay.. why then i post this?

One and only reason: I love my mom and i respect her so much. She’s the superwoman in my life. And… for that reason also… i dedicated this post to all mothers all around the world. Thank God For The Mother.

Thank God For The Superwoman in our life.

She gave all her hearts and life

She battled through the pain of bring us into this beautiful world

She loved us, no matter what

She hugged us when we needed them


You are my superwoman. Thank you

Thank you for your love

For your strength keeping up with my attitude towards you

For every single things you did for us, your family

Happy Mother’s Day

NB: you are welcome to read also my post about Mother





4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

    • Mother’s Day itu dirayakan di tanggal berbeda-beda Asmie, saya juga baru tahu pas baca link wiki-nya.
      Indonesia satu-satunya yang merayakan di Desember. special kan?

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