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Am I grateful enough?

This blog is about gratefulness of life and everything that’s in it (life), so am I grateful enough?


#TGFTD – Thank God For The Day
daily gratefullness of life and what’s in it – Febriyan Lukito

Many people says that you’re too much, when I was about to write TGFTD – Thank God For The Day at the beginning. We don’t need another lecture about Thanking God. And many asked me: ‘are you grateful enough so that you write about it?’

Well, to be frankly, I’m not that perfect. I made mistakes and sometime I wasn’t grateful enough about everything I have in this life. But, hey, I just wanna share here that we need to be grateful enough in this life – as I’m learning about gratefulness in my life also.

I’m not asking for some acknowledgement that I’m a good person. Like I said, I’m not that perfect. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve let myself drown into dark couple years before. But I know and realize that I can’t live that way so I need to change.

And while doing so, I just feel that people need also to realize that life is about YOU. You can’t blame others for things that are not happening into your life, like I did. I blamed every body else in my life that didn’t work as I wanted. And most of all, you can’t blamed GOD for those things. Coz, when you have time to ask yourself truthfully, you’ll see that everything that happened is all the fruits of your act. Good or bad.

And, why do I have to TGFTD – every day? Coz for me, life is about having day by day full of gratefulness. Day by day we have now is a blessing from GOD. Enjoy it. Like people use to say: ‘Life is happen once. So enjoy every moment of it.’

At the end, am I grateful enough? I don’t think I have. But I tried to be one. How about you?

NB: sorry for my bad English. I haven’t write in English for so long that it took me quite difficult to do so. 


Jakarta, Indonesia 140113 1119


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